Oleh: FeeDyA | 08/06/2010

Happy Anniversary For Our Lovely Girls ^^


From their debut till now ….
From Into The New World till Run Devil Run ….
From Cathy till Sexy ….
From Cheerleaders till Devil ….

Whatever You Are …
SONE will always be next to you …
heart will not move anymore ….
You always be our Genie and Devil in our heart ^^

We will always remember
the dorky leader Taeyeon
Ice Princess Jessica
Queen of Aegyo Sunny
Brighter than gems Tiffany
The Dancing Queen Hyoyeon
The Black pearl Yuri
The Shiksin Sooyoung
The strong Yoona
The pure magnae Seohyun

wherever and whenever, you will always be our hearts ^^
Happy birthday girls ^^



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